My husband and I waited upon the Lord for over six years for the fruit of the womb. Initially we were not ready for the first year but after trying from the second year and nothing was happening, we began to wonder what was wrong. The time of waiting was a difficult one especially for me as the wife because the pressure is more on the wife than the husband. One thing that kept me going was the believe that my God is a prayer answering God, the only thing is that He answers in a way and time that we do not expect. Sadness envelopes me every time my period starts. Sometimes i feel the urge to question God especially when i hear that somebody who just got married is pregnant but i thank God that i normally dismiss the thought in my mind. This experience made me realise that unless you are directly affected by a situation, you can never understand the feeling involved. Beore i got married, i used to hear of couples waiting on the Lord but could not

understand how they were feeling until i found myself in that position. Through it all though, my husband and I grew stronger in love for each other despite all the challenges.

I was rushed to A&E from work one fateful day in September 2010 when i could not breathe very well and almost lost conciousness. I thought it was just a minor sickness but the second day at the hospital, i started having chest pain and the doctors sent me for x-ray when it was discovered i had fluid in my lungs. This was discovered on a sunday evening and i could not breath on my own anymore at this point and the doctors said the only solution is to drain out the fluid in my lungs but they cannot do it until the following day which was a monday because it is a very delicate procedure as they cannot make any mistake.They needed to insert a drainage tube into my lungs but will need to be guided by a scan so that the tube is not inserted in the wrong place At this point i was put on full oxygen that without it i cannot breathe, I really thank God for keeping me till the following day because the situation was very critical and the doctors were monitoring me
round the clock til the expert who wil do the procedure arrived. The following morning the procedure was done without any complications. According to the doctors, fluid drainage in a lung normally does not exceed two days before the tube is removed but in my own case i had the tube in for over two weeks as the fluid kept filling up again as it is being drained.

It was on my third day of admission in the hospital that one of the nurses decided to do a pregnancy test without telling me. The nurse came in with a smile on her face that did i know that i was pregnant, i looked at her with unbelief because i thought she was just joking, my joy knew no bounds but i could not celebrate as i had been dreaming i would. I did not fully believe the news until i did a pregnancy test myself to confirm.
We were still rejoicing over this news when the consultant in my care came to tell me that they do not understand why the fluid kept filling up that they suspect it is the pregnancy and that if the situation does not change they might have to terminate the pregnancy to save my life. You can imagine hearing this sort of a thing when we were just rejoicing, i could not contain this news and i text pastor and his wife who both came within an hour to pray with me in the hospital. Their presence and prayer gave me a reassurance and miraculously, the consultant came back that same day to tell me that termination of the pregnancy will not be required as i am off danger list.

After waiting for three years, my husband and I started praying that God shoudl give us twins as compensation for the years of waiting and He indeed granted our wish. Not only did he grant our wish, He also answered us when we prayed for a boy and girl. The Lord proved Himself mighty in our lives because the devil tried to cut short our joy in different ways before and during the period of my pregnancy. At my 21 weeks scan, the scan showed that i had a short cervix meaning that i am at risk of early labour. The doctor told me that i could go into labour anytime from then. This was not a welcomed news, I was given steroid injections to mature the lungs of the twins in case i go into early labour. It was a miracle even to the doctors that my pregnancy stayed another 11 weeks before i gave birth to my twins at 32 weeks with no complications. The devil tried that they come earlier but the Lord God Almighty delayed it for another two weeks when it was safe.
They were in special care for almost three weeks and the Lord was with them all the way.

I am grateful to God. I am also happy that i worship in a family church where there is love. All through the period of waiting and when i was on admission at the hospital, prayers were raised by the church and i thank God that all prayers raised were answered. I was also very touched by the love shown by my pastor and mummy pastor because when i called them, they were with me all through this period. Pastor declared at one of the baby dedications that by the following year, the church will start dedicating twins and i claimed this.

I pray that all those waiting on the Lord for this kind of joy will receive it at the Lord’s appointed time in Jesus name.